1. An account is required to use the My Boutique.
    1. Log into your Haute Elegance account by visiting the My Account Page
    2. If you do not have an account yet, creating one is simple. Go to My Account and follow the steps to set up your account.
  2. Add items to your My Boutique.
    1. Browse Haute Elegance and find an item you like.
    2. Select your size and color of the item.
    3. Click on the add icon to add the item to your My Boutique
  3. Viewing Your My Boutique
    1. To view your My Boutique you must have one item on your list.
    2. The My Boutique link is at the top of page
  4. My Boutique Management
    1. Your My Boutique lists your items selected.
    2. You can remove any item at anytime.
    3. You can purchase any items from My Boutique by clicking on the purchase button.
  5. Sharing your My Boutique
    1. Email your friends directly by clicking on the email button of the item you wish to share.